Professional Reunion Photos

Full-sized professional photos of the Park City Club event on Saturday, October 18, 2014

To reach original copies of all the professionally-taken photos of the Saturday night Reunion event at Park City Club (October 18,2014), click this link:

Professional Photos

You may copy any or all of the originals in full-size high resolution for your personal off-line albums from this DropBox file. This link will offer highest quality copies, superior to the "Reunion Photos" in the menu on the left side of the page. Both sets of photos are the same images, these are less convenient to view (from DropBox) but offer highest quality for copies or printed photographs for albums.


Suggestions for how to use the DropBox file:

1. After you click the link above, you should be able to view all the photos in a thumbnail display. If the thumbnail display does not appear, click on the two images which share the box in the upper right corner of the display; the left image should light the thumbnail photographs for you, the right image produces a list of available photos.

2. To copy any photo:

a. Click on the thumbnail photo to view a single full size image

b. In the lower right corner of the full-size image screen are two icons, a "link" icon and three horizontally-displayed dots. Roll your cursor over the three dots (the words "more actions" will appear). Click here, then choose "Download" or "View Original" from the screen:

Download will allow you to copy full sized versions of the displayed photo to a destination of your choice on your computer

View Original displays the picture in original resolution. Note the cursor is in magnification mode, if you click on the image with the cursor-sized magnifying glass your view will change to a much larger image (handy for reading ID badges).